As a teenager I was sometimes an anxious sort and like most teens, I was very much unsure of how to fit in. and would often play up to my peers. I remember though, a visit to an art gallery and what would normally be an excuse to hide from teachers and snigger at any works with naked bodies something stopped me in my tracks, it was a painting by Henri Matisse. 

The colours were so vivid and unrealistic but they seemed to transcend into the ether creating a colourful glow and standing there before this large painting I felt suddenlybeaming with joy. It lasted for a matter of minutes until I was pulled along by a friend into the next room but the experience stayed with me. 

I used colour in my art lessons and I felt brave and a little rebellious. I found that through my art work that I didn’t have to blend in and that I’d found my voice.

From then on colour became a real passion for me. I found that creating work with colour really boosted my mood and confidence. Now colour has become my toolbox for positivity in my work but also my everyday life.

Let’s face it we can get bogged down with stress and The dreary damp weather we are so used to here in Britain can just feel like we are surrounded by glum grey colours. So although I can’t afford a Matisse painting I have found that these following steps help if I need a little mood boost…



1. Treat yourself to the brightest bunch of flowers and place them somewhere you find you spend most time in.

2. Make a meal with at least 5 colours in it whether it’s a salad, curry or cake. Just be sure you mix the brightest colours you can. It will not only look colourful but it’ll also be sure to be tasty too.

3. Wear a bright shirt, scarf or if you’re a little shy with colour in your clothes or have to wear a particular uniform at work then buy yourself some bright underwear in a colour that makes you feel happy. 

4. Paint with your kids or invite some close pals over for a creative session and without being bogged down by drawing a masterpiece just enjoy mixing and making colours.

5. Visit your local art gallery or open garden and try to give yourself time to look at all the different colours. What do they make you feel? Is there any particular colour or colours that you think make you feel good? Then note them down or take a pic and use those same colours somewhere in your own home or garden or you can save the picture and look at it if you feel you need a boost.

Do you have any tips for boosting your mood with colour? Would love to hear your tips too.

Joy of Life (Bonheur de Vivre), 1905 by Henri Matisse

Joy of Life (Bonheur de Vivre), 1905 by Henri Matisse